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 Committee Service

This package can be purchased alongside one of the clerking packages.


Cost: £250 per single committee meeting; £1,100 for any 5 committee meetings; £2,500 for any 12 committee meetings.

For multiple purchase, this could be a mixture of Finance/Resource, Curriculum and Admissions Committee meetings.

  • Arranging one or all meetings of each of the committees established by the governing body.

  • Preparing and producing agenda for all committee meetings of the governing body and identifying items for inclusion on the agenda in consultation with the chair of committee and headteacher.

  • Circulating agenda and papers for committee meetings

    • The minutes of each meeting will be made available in draft to the chair of committee and headteacher within 5  working days of the relevant meeting;

  • Undertaking follow up work arising from committee meetings, ensuring that where appropriate matters are referred to the relevant officers.

  • Sending a copy of the minutes to all members of the committee and all other governors with the agenda for the next meeting of the governing body.

  • Maintaining membership details of the committee and dealing with all correspondence regarding membership.

  • Researching items relevant to the committee’s terms of reference and delegated powers.

  • Providing a comprehensive package of supporting papers for each committee meeting, including attendance list, briefing papers, spare sets of documents etc.

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