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LPC Consultancy Governor Services

“A governing body can only be truly effective when it has an effective clerk in post”

The Department for Education (DfE) recognises that the clerk to governing bodies is a key contributor to the effectiveness of the governing body.  A fully effective clerk to governors can better support governing bodies in meeting their statutory obligations.


A professional clerk is able to provide advice in and outside meetings to ensure the governing body works in accordance with the legal framework. LPC ensures that all our clerks are trained in all aspects of the role; regularly briefed on new developments, both locally and nationally; and that the support provided and the quality of work is carefully monitored. The aim is that each clerk will have the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective. Training will be organised as necessary to ensure that clerks are equipped to deliver the level and quality of service guaranteed to all customers.

LPC Consultancy Services has a central role in providing specialist procedural, administrative and organisational support to governing bodies.
The support we offer extends beyond the administrative aspect of clerking. We provide advice to assist governors and schools in making sure that their governing body is functioning properly and effectively; so that they can demonstrate that they are meeting statutory requirements. We also help to keep governors up to date with the latest information and policies from the Department for Education, Ofsted and other statutory bodies to ensure best practice.


To achieve this, we will:
  • provide a named clerk for each school

  • provide a substitute if the appointed clerk is unable to attend the meeting

  • provide training and development to the clerk to underpin a professional service

  • carry out quality assurance evaluations to ensure a high standard of service by

  • review minutes and respond to feedback from the governing body

Governor Service: Full Package 1

 consists of Basic Service Support Plus six (6) Full Governor Bodies Meeting.

Governor Service: Full Package 2

 consists of Basic Service Support Plus six (6) Full Governor Bodies Meeting.

Committee Service

this package and can be purchased alone or alongside one of the clerking packages above. This could be a one-off service or it could be bought on a need basis.

Clerk Locum Service

In the event of an appointed clerk being unable to attend a school for any reason, the Service will make every effort to provide emergency clerking cover.  This will be provided on the basis of attendance at meetings and preparation of minutes only. 

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