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Governor Service: Full Package 1

This Package consists of Basic Service Support Plus three (3) Full Governor Bodies Meeting.  

Cost: £1,300 per academic year

 Basic Service Support:

  Advice and Guidance

  • Provide guidance documents for governing bodies on a variety of topics and new initiatives to support their role

  • Provide specialist advice on governance procedures and responsibilities Organisation

  • Provide a clerking service to the governing body for full governing body meetings 

  • Provide a named officer to support the governing body 

  • Act promptly and appropriately to concerns raised by the governing body regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of the service

  • Constitutional support (According to School Governance Constitution Regulations 2012)

  • Advise the governing body, headteacher and, where appropriate, the appointing bodies of expiry of the term of office at least two months before the term expires so elections or appointments can be organised in a timely manner

  • Inform appointing bodies of vacant governorships to which they should appoint, receive written notice of subsequent appointments and inform the governing body

  • Production of the Schools Instrument of Government

  • Maintain records of attendance by governors at full governing body meetings and take appropriate action on disqualification for non-attendance

  • Maintain the school governing body database (only one governing body membership list is provided a term)

  • Undertake the recruitment process of authority governors (LPC Consultancy Service will work with Partners to deliver this where applicable)

  • Monitor to ensure that school governors comply with Safeguarding and to meet Ofsted requirements 

  • ​Registration with Modern Online Governor

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